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If you are a good lawyer who wants to become an excellent actor in the world of insurance, then the Master’s degree in Insurance Law is for you.

Since its creation, this course has proven to be well adapted to its socio-economic environment as well as to the expectations of professionals.
The teachings provided will enable you to learn about the insurance sector, insurance and banking techniques for savings, asset and property management, and advice for decision-makers.
This master’s degree prepares you for the professions of contract and claims manager while offering an in-depth legal culture on the major issues of insurance law and individual and collective savings.

About this program

A word from the director

Fruit of the collaboration between the Universities of Poitiers and La Rochelle, the main objective of the master’s degree in « Insurance Law » is to enable good lawyers to become excellent actors in the field of insurance. The speciality of « Insurance Law » concerns the two years of the Master’s degree. Professionals} represent more than 60% of the lecturers and provide more than 50% of the teaching hours. The courses take place entirely on the Pôle Universitaire de Niort website whose welcoming and human dimension encourages exchanges between students and teachers.

Master’s 1 includes a mandatory 6-week internship. In Master’s 2, the professional experience is made up of 12 weeks of internship, from January to March. The 2nd year of the Master’s programme is also open to the apprenticeship course. The class is thus composed of 21 apprentice students. The rhythm of work-study is as follows (Alternating only in the 2nd year of the Master’s degree) :

  • 2 weeks company / 2 weeks course from September to December
  • + 12 consecutive weeks in a company (January-March)
  • + 2 weeks company / 2 weeks course in April-May

Since its creation, this course has proven to be well adapted to its socio-economic environment and to the expectations of professionals. In its issue 2221 of May 31st 2007, the Nouvel Observateur presented "450 diplomas that provide employment", "450 courses of study that provide work, hidden treasures of our universities". Among these "treasures" was our Master’s Degree 2, called "Insurance and Liability Law" at the time. The opening of the Master’s 2 at the apprenticeship course in 2008 has further strengthened its attractiveness and the professional insertion of our young graduates who, to date, nearly a hundred of them have been able to benefit from an apprenticeship contract. Since 2011, the Master’s 2 "Insurance Law" has been listed in the rang n° 8 of the Management and Insurance Law speciality, in the SMBG ranking of the best Masters, based on the following criteria: reputation of the course; salaries, opportunities on leaving and further studies; student satisfaction feedback.

Every year, the Faculty co-organises a colloquium on insurance law entitled "Insurance and fundamental rights" in 2017

Lecturer + Co-Director of the Master’s Degree in "Insurance Law" (La Rochelle-Poitiers)


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Agnès Pimbert

Testimonies from our graduates
Every student’s dream is to be able to enter the profession of their choice as soon as they finish their studies. I was able to make this project a reality by joining the Master’s Degree in Estate Law, specialising in Insurance Law, which is a work-study programme. The professional dimension attached to this Master’s degree allowed me to achieve my full potential while providing me with the experience I needed to enter an increasingly closed professional world. The lessons taught enabled me to acquire the necessary confidence to cross the threshold of professional life and fulfill my ambitions.
Christopher Perrin, Promotion 2013-2014, Gestionnaire négociateur (SMABTP)
I completed my postgraduate degree in Insurance and Liability Law 10 years ago. Thanks to this course, I quickly found a job in the insurance field. But above all, I was able to work in different sectors and in several different professions, from claims management to auditing and reinsurance. Today, this course, along with the work-study program, is part of a truly professional approach, which allows future graduates to be even more operational at the beginning of their career. I would suggest that anyone who wants to work in a field offering broad career prospects should join the Master 2 Insurance Law programme, which will give them a solid foundation for a career in the insurance industry.
Delphine, chargée de projets d’organisation MAIF
I got my master’s degree in 2005. Since then, I’ve been promoting it continuously. In my opinion, the courses I attend provide me with very complete legal knowledge, but also allowed me to acquire skills that go far beyond that, such as thoroughness, analytics, written communication, ... To sum up, I sincerely believe that this master’s degree places you in excellent conditions when you enter working life, even more so with the possibility of alternating work and study.

As far as I am concerned, it only took me a few months to find a job. In ten years of my professional career, I have had the opportunity to change jobs several times, becoming in turn claims manager, underwriter, policy officer and head of a department for the past few months.

Each time, what I learned during my entire law studies in La Rochelle and this master’s degree in particular has been useful to me.

For all these reasons, I can only recommend it to all those who wish to join a particularly interesting sector of activity that allows for multiple career opportunities.

Matthieu Seguin Responsable de gestion d’activité Groupe- MACIF
The Master’s degree can also lead to the preparation of a PhD.

For example, Claire Quertain, who graduated in 2015, began her thesis on "The influence of European law on the distribution of insurance products in France" on October 1st, 2016.

Under the co-direction of Stéphanie Hourdeau and Joël Monnet.
Under a CIFRE agreement with the COVEA Group.

Stéphanie Hourdeau, Claire Quertain et Joël Monnet
Alain Mousseau

Two mandatory internships of 6 weeks during the second semester and 12 weeks during the fourth semester are an essential part of the course.

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Work-study: access to the 2nd year of a Master’s degree in work-study is only definitively acquired when you certify that you have signed an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract.

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You have a Bac+3, Bac+4 or equivalent: you have knowledge in fundamental legal subjects.

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Target positions

 General Insurance Agent, Insurance Agent
 Bank account manager, savings product adviser
 Insurance account manager, insurance producer
 Insurance manager, claims adjuster
 Insurance lawyer
 Insurance underwriter

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