Master’s Degree in Justice, Trials and Procedures Course in Procedural Law

La Rochelle
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Do you want to become a lawyer specialising in private and public procedures?

The course in Procedural Law will enable you to master the rules of procedure that apply in front of all courts and the drafting of the acts that are useful for their application.
You will be able to inform, advise and accompany individuals or legal entities on contentious issues and the legal risks involved and will be aware of changes in the legal system (dematerialisation of procedures).
At the end of the master’s degree, you will be qualified for judicial or para-judicial careers such as (magistrates, lawyers, bailiffs, litigation lawyers, police superintendents, gendarmerie officers and customs officers).

About this program

The Master’s degree in Procedural Law trains lawyers specialising in procedure who are looking for judicial or para-judicial careers (magistrates, lawyers, bailiffs, litigation lawyers in companies or administrations, careers in the police, gendarmerie and customs). This cross-disciplinary course aims for both excellence in the fundamentals of private and public procedures, both internal and international, as a guarantee of passing the various professional and entrance exams and sustainable employability, but also specialisation in the sectors and targeted professions. The course prepares in particular for the profession of judicial officer. The partnerships developed with professionals (jurisdictions, bar associations, judicial officers, administrations), whose members are largely involved in the teachings, the supervision and the evaluation of internships, are intended to encourage the professional integration of the students. A three-month internship accompanied by a report and a defense presentation or the drafting of a thesis, as well as study trips to national or international institutions complete this program.

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Testimony of a graduate student
As a student of a Master’s Degree in private law at the University of Poitiers, and having completed internships in a law firm and then in a Bailiff’s office, the Master’s Degree 2 in Law, specialising in procedural law, at the Faculty of Law of La Rochelle seemed to me to be an obvious choice to complete my studies and to guide me definitively in my choice of career. During this year of training, its many professional trainers knew, on the one hand how to enable us to apprehend, and even to perfect these subjects, and on the other hand how to help us discover their respective professions: this definitively guided me towards the activity of judicial officer.

Afterwards, the courses to become a Judicial Officer, both within the National School of Procedure and the Department of Formation of the Trainees appeared to me much easier than for others who did not follow an equivalent Master’s Degree 2.

Virginie Rybeirex, Judicial Officer in Châtellerault (86).


Study trips to national or international institutions (International Criminal Court in The Hague, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Constitutional Council, Council of Cassation, Council of State) are organized to broaden knowledge and strengthen professional skills.


During the fourth semester, a 3-month internship and report or dissertation, great oral of Procedural Law.

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In the 2nd year of the Master’s programme, candidates are selected on the basis of their applications.
You wish to apply for the 1st year of the Master’s program
You wish to apply for the 2nd year of the Master’s programme

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You have a Bac+3, Bac+4 or equivalent: you have followed the fundamental legal disciplines of the Bachelor’s degree in Law.
You must have precise knowledge of the fundamental procedures: civil, criminal and administrative.

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Target positions

 Customs Officer
 Litigation lawyer in a company or within administrative or para-administrative institutions
 Police and gendarmerie professions
 Insurance Litigation Writer

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