Laboratories and research teams

Our research teams work in the legal fields of public law, private law and the history of law, political science and management sciences.
Discover the three laboratories around which research in our Faculty is organized.

Our laboratories

Centre for Legal and Political Studies (CEJEP)


DSPT 7 : Social Sciences
Home Team (EA 3170)
Direction : Linda Arcelin

Research focus

  • Justices and trial law
  • Environment and regions
  • Business and Insurance

Federal structures

  • Federation for Research on the Environment and Sustainable Development, La Rochelle University.

Website of CEJEP

Centre for International Roman Studies (CEIR)


DSPT 7 : Social Sciences
Home Team (EA 4227)
Director : Jacques Bouineau

Research focus
The federative axis of our research is made up of the notion of roman. By this we mean a common Mediterranean culture, born in the Mediterranean region thanks to the relay constituted by the Roman Empire.
The aim is to enable a north-south dialogue around an original idea, highlighting the common past found in both northern and southern Mediterranean cultures.
This common past can indeed allow a dialogue around the shared values of Christians and Muslims, Jews and atheists, citizens of advanced societies and inhabitants of emerging countries.

Associated organizations

CEIR website

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