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Would you like to become a qualified lawyer, capable of understanding the business world and applying the appropriate legal standards to a business law issue?

This Master’s degree in Business Law is the one for you.

You specialise in certain fields (economic and business law, legal professions or insurance law) while maintaining a firm foothold in the general law, which is the only way to guarantee a highly advanced, comprehensive and thorough education.
A significant importance is also given to internships, theses and collaborative projects (practical exercises, simulations), designed to enhance your legal expertise through the acquisition of know-how, analysis and advice.
Cross-disciplinary courses complete this highly vocational course, such as the practice of a foreign languages (English, Spanish, Italian or German).

About this program

The Master’s degree in Business and Corporate Law, Company and Market, is based on global knowledge of the company, its internal functioning and its market positioning techniques. Courses take place until February, the rest of the year being devoted to the internship (or thesis). This first part of the course focuses on theoretical lessons, given by academics and professionals, but a large part is devoted to practical exercises, either individually or in groups (some of which are drawn from actual cases submitted by the UFC Que choisir Charente-Maritime) and simulations (one of which gives rise to a pleading exercise before the Commercial Court). These various exercises allow the student to acquire, in addition to the legal knowledge necessary for the business world, autonomy in his work.

Linda Arcelin

Témoignage d’un diplômé
The Master’s Degree 2 in Business and Company Law at the University of La Rochelle was for me a real springboard into the working world. Combining a dynamic and interactive teaching of the fundamentals of business law and an internship in a company, this Master’s 2 enabled me to acquire autonomy and efficiency, thus helping me obtain my profession.

Valérie Baboulesse,
lawyer at the Bar of La Rochelle - Rochefort.


One of the courses focuses on the law and practice of international contracts. In addition, the student has the opportunity to complete his or her internship abroad.


Students must either complete an internship of at least 3 months at the end of which they must write a report, or draft up a research thesis.

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You have a Bac+3, Bac+4 or equivalent: you have a good knowledge of contract law, company law and social law.

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