The Faculty at a glance

The Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management of La Rochelle University is structured in two departments: the Law and Political Science Department and a Management Department which is the IAE. The Faculty is directed by a Dean.

A few words from the Dean

With the sea on the horizon, the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management of La Rochelle University offers an ideal context to success in your graduate studies. You will be able to follow professional and innovative training courses, guided by an accessible and high quality team of teachers. Due to its location, our faculty is naturally open to the world and new ideas from all around, all of which are beneficial to dynamic research and fruitful international exchanges.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management

Monsieur le Doyen
François Goliard

An Ocean view Faculty

In the field of law and political science, a university teaching programme covering the first two years of the DEUG was set up in 1974 in La Rochelle as part of a relocated branch of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences in Poitiers. Since the creation of La Rochelle University by decree No. 93-77 of January 20th 1993, the Faculty of Law has grown considerably, facing the sea and Fort Boyard on the grounds of Les Minimes. It now provides students with a complete formation from bachelor’s degree to PhD (LMD).

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Diversified training courses

The courses provided by the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management aim to teach students innovative and academic studies, directly in line with the current legal professions. The students thus progressively acquire the fundamental legal knowledge, while opening up to other disciplines and internationally, an opening that is favourable to the development of their adaptability and reactivity, qualities required of all lawyers.

a Faculty in affiliation with the professional world

The university courses provided by the Faculty are broadly professional and relevant to today’s world:

  • Dynamic partnerships with practitioners : about a hundred external speakers, specialists in their field, teaching within the Faculty; many professionals welcome and coach students for internships.
  • Training courses oriented and organised towards a rapid professional integration (vocational bachelor’s degree)
  • Internships envisaged as of the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree and extended in the Master’s degree.
  • A master’s degree open to work-study and apprenticeship : the master’s degree in insurance law
  • An institute preparing for administrative entrance examinations and successful access to legal professions: the Institute of Legal and Administrative Trades (IMJA). These courses provide refresher courses, seminars, conferences and allow students to prepare throughout the year for the exams.
Scène amphi

The Law Professions Forum

A high point in the Faculty life,the Law Professions Forum is organized every year by the Institute of Justice and Administration Trades (IMJA) and enables about twenty professionals to present their professions to students and to exchange with them. This forum highlights the variety of opportunities available in legal studies. On the occasion of this Forum is organized the graduation ceremony of the laureates as well as that of awarding the prizes attributed to the best internship reports and theses by the Regional Chamber of Legal Officers (Prize « Jean Sevestre »), the Departmental Chamber of Notaries of Charente-Maritime (Prize « Charles Fournier ») and the Bar of La Rochelle (Prize « Jean Beauchard »). }

A specific and original offer of vocational courses

The Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management plays a major role in the development of lifelong education. The "Maison de la réussite et de l’insertion professionnelle" of La Rochelle University provides answers adapted to the needs of its public. The Faculty thus offers specific training courses, accredited by university diplomas such as the DU Mediation and Conflict Resolution, to professionals, company directors, employees and public agents. Occasional continuous training actions are also set up in various fields in order to meet the needs of professionals, particularly in terms of updating.

A dynamic and open research

Within the Faculty of Law and Political Science of La Rochelle, two teams lead a scientifically recognized research :

  • The Center for Legal and Political Studies (CEJEP / EA 3170)
  • The Center for International Roman Studies (CEIR / EA 4227)

Research in the Faculty has three major characteristics:

  • a disciplinary approach in public law, private law, history of law and political science, as well as a multidisciplinary approach in the work carried out with other scientific branches (computer science, earth sciences, history, geography, management...), centered on the major fields chosen by La Rochelle University, i.e. the Environment, Digital or Tourism.
  • a broad association of professionals that puts research at the heart of the economic and social challenges of the contemporary world.
  • a solid backing for the course offer.

A Faculty open to the world

The Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management of La Rochelle, an Atlantic faculty open to the world, is involved in close cooperation and partnerships with other universities both nationally and internationally.
Numerous opportunities for international exchanges for both teachers and students. The aim is to promote intellectual openness to foreign cultures and to improve language skills. In addition, the Faculty takes part in the « Summer School » organized by the University of Salzburg every summer with one teacher and two students.

The student bodies

Students participate in the activities of the Faculty through the various projects developed by their association (BDE).

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Key Figures from the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management

> more than 1800 students enrolled in initial and continuous education
> more than 60 teacher-researchers and teachers
> Nearly 140 external speakers
> 2 departments: 1 department of Law and Political Science and 1 department of Management also named IAE La Rochelle
> more than 180 exchange programme agreements with 135 partner institutions wt the University
> 3 laboratories, 2 PhD schools, 1 research federation
> 4 auditoriums in the UFR (including 1 with 120 seats, 1 with 180 seats, 1 with 200 seats and 1 with 400 seats) and 1 auditorium in the IAE La Rochelle with 200 seats
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