High level athletes

At La Rochelle University, many disciplines are practiced either in individual sports such as sailing, athletics, skating, cycling or judo or in team sports such as rugby, basketball, handball or football. Every year several dozen students enrolled at the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management pursue a high-level sports activity in parallel.

Balancing law school and competitive sports

The qualities required to succeed in sports are numerous: seriousness, dedication, ability to concentrate, desire to surpass oneself, etc. And these assets also allow you to successfully complete your law studies.

In order to manage their timetable, all top-level sportsmen and women sign a contract with their faculty and the SUAPSE ( University Service of Physical Activities, Sports and Expression) which allows them to adapt their course or TD timetable to their training or competitions. In this way, tests can take place in advance or be postponed. Thanks to these measures, around twenty students have already passed the first year of their bachelor’s degree and are continuing their studies with determination.

Faculty High Performance Athletes

  • Marina Kainleinsberger (student in the third year of her bachelor’s degree in Management), vice-champion of the 2014 French university weightlifting championship (cat. -55kg).
  • Valentin Rouvier (student in the first year of the Master’s degree in Management Sciences), French amateur triathlon champion.
  • Pernelle Michon with a bachelor’s degree in Management), French champion in 2011 and 2012 and vice-champion of France senior 2011 in sailing and Laser sailing.
  • Maxime Fray (holder of a master’s degree in private law and registered at the Institute of Legal Studies), selected for the French university rugby team in November 2013.
  • Mathilde de Kérangat (holder of a master’s degree in private law and registered at the Institute of Legal Studies), world champion young woman in Laser sailing in Japan in 2009, and ranked 1st in the ISAF World Ranking (International Sailing Federation) in 2013.
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