Studying abroad

Internationalisation of the university curriculum is an opportunity that La Rochelle University offers its students. Discover new cultures, deepen their knowledge of foreign languages, develop a career beyond borders... Going abroad to study is only beneficial.
The Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management allows you to go abroad for an internship, a semester or an academic year. This enriching opportunity combines study and the discovery of a new country.

The choice of international mobility

An asset in your university course and for your future career.

Would you like to spend a year in Seville, Oslo or Montreal?
The Faculty of Law offers the possibility of spending an entire year in a European country and a semester in Australia or New Zealand.
In our partner university, it is possible to follow courses sometimes in the language of the host country (Spanish, Italian), sometimes in English depending on the country, and to validate your year via the ECTS credit system, as would have been the case at La Rochelle University.
You will thus improve your language skills and discover another culture, another university and legal system.

Having traveled abroad is a major asset on your CV because it demonstrates your ability to adapt and your open-mindedness in addition to a much better knowledge of a foreign language.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact the assessor in charge of international exchanges:

Why go abroad?

Testimony of a former student

Future Erasmus students!

Choosing to go abroad for a year is a project to think about, to be aware of whether or not you are going away from home. The fear of the unknown, of knowing if one will be able to succeed in a language that is not one’s own. Well, don’t worry about that, being an Erasmus student means being part of a new family; the Erasmus family. A beautiful and enriching experience that every student should have, why?
It’s not just an academic year to add to your CV, but a journey, an experience and a total immersion in a new country. A melting pot of students gathered around you, incredible exchanges of culture, cuisine and sharing. Erasmus means being able to open up to others, to share with everyone, to make encounters that we never thought possible. All these things together enable us to make our academic year a success.
An adventure that everyone should embark on, and which for me, in a word, is UNFORGETTABLE!!!

Jessica Berge, ancienne étudiante
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